Home-style Accommodation

We believe finding a safe place to stay, either on a temporary or permanent basis, shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on your comfort or support. We've got a fully equipped kitchen, multi-functional activities area and specialised bathroom facilities. Options for 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 support ratios.


Can be accessed through Core - Assistance with Daily Life (Supported Independent Living & Short Term Accommodation and Assistance) 

School Leaver Employment Support 


Our 4U's 4E's Program works with four core goals "Enjoy, Embrace, Empower, Employ". We can assist  in refining your resume, strengthening your knowledge of the public transport systems, co-ordinating work experience and developing new skills to help you get to where you want to go!


Can be accessed through Capacity Building (Finding and Keeping a Job) & (Improved Learning)

Peer Support

and Mentoring 

We try to incorporate healthy habits and lifestyle choices into all of our services, but we can provide mentoring and coaching to help improve your awareness of health, exercise, nutrition, the environment and the community (whether it's local or more specialised).


Can be accessed through Capacity Building (Increased Social & Community Participation) & Core (Assistance with Daily Life). 

Develop Independence 

Are you looking to strengthen skills you'd like to use on a daily basis? Or maybe you just want someone to check you're on the right track? Let's get talking about what you’d like to achieve and how we can develop confidence, systems and interest to promote your independence.


Can be accessed through Core - Assistance with Daily Life OR Capacity Building (Improved Daily Living Skills) or (Increased Social & Community Participation) 

Shared Support

We take the time to find activities that suit your individual interests and goals. We think it makes sense that sharing activities with people of similar interests naturally enhances your engagement and enjoyment.


Can be accessed through Core - Assistance with Social and Community Participation & Capacity Building (Increased Social & Community Participation) 

Support Coordinator

Think the middle man to making your dreams come true through your NDIS plan.

(Assisting participants to implement their plans by accessing a broader range of suitable & appropriate providers).

Can be accessed through  Capacity Building (Support Coordination) 

Our pricing is aligned with the most up to date “NDIS Price Guide"

1800 4u Care (1800 48 2273)

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