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Changes to NDIS  

Transport Costs 

Recent changes to Transport costs occurred in the October 2019 Price Guide Update. What does this mean? 

  • Transport funding is NOT flexible

  • Only NDIA-managed Transport can be claimed from the portal 

  • If funding is paid to the participant’s bank account in instalments, invoices are to be sent to the participant for payment of these accounts

  • If transport costs exceed the amount allocated in the participants plan, these costs will be billed to the participant as an out of pocket expense

  • If a participant does not have a transport budget allocated in their plan, these costs are unable to be claimed from NDIA and will be billed to the participant

  • Transport costs include: vehicle running costs (only while participant is in the vehicle) billed at $0.78/km as per the Service Agreement & costs associated (e.g parking fee $5)


If you would like further clarification around any of the information provided above, please contact us at any time.

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