Malin is so reliable and flexible. Think Elastigirl with blonde hair, but less cartoon-y. Her other superpowers (yes, plural!) are that she is REALLY good at coming up with ideas and plans that reflect a participant’s individual interests. These plans aren’t just personalised, they also excite, engage and entertain!

On a side note, we’d like to acknowledge and applaud Malin for rocking her Christmas jumper on shift for Christmas in July, and also the fact she brought along an extra one for Keith to wear so that they would be matching.

Office Manager


HR, Compliance and

Training Manager

Karen is the queen of HR, with the experience to match. 

She's got a great eye for picking the crème de la crème to join our 4U team. 

Once she's picked em', her training ensures that our new carers get off on the right foot. 

PLUS, she makes sure that she's up to date with all the latest NDIS happenings, so that we, and you, can be too!


Reception and

Administration Assistant


Georgia is our go-to gal! 

She juggles the on-call phone, reception and all of our enquiries. 

Without her impeccable phone manners and organisation skills, we'd have a pretty hard time making sure our participants and carers are all up to speed.  




Residential Manager 

We hit the jackpot with Brooke! She is our main point of contact for our Supported Independent Living (SIL) participants. 


Brooke originally joined the 4U team as a carer, so she can relate to the carer’s she works with to ensure the best quality of care is delivered. 


She’s also the first to put her hand up to learn news skills! What a legend. 



Managing Director

If you're the 'U' in 4U, then Jono is the '4'. He's super involved in all of our operations and relationships and has a passion for disability support, having been a carer himself originally.


Jono also has great appreciation for the 4u team, as he had to do their jobs, albeit on a smaller scale, at different stages of 4U's growth.



Operations Manager

Managing all the operations. But honestly, Harry knows what and where everything is going down.

He's a machine when he's behind the computer and a legend when he's out meeting and greeting. 

As well as linking our team together to get things DONE, Harry's also a bit of an ideas man and contributes to all the shared support programs.  


Office Manager

Tori excels at all things administration, organisation and communication. So basically anything that ends in "ation".

Actually, Tori has probably already answered some of your support questions? 

Yeah, she does that too. Really well.

It takes A LOT to fluster Tori. We're forever thankful for that.

Tori's role is very important in ensuring the team, and the whole business, functions! 


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