July 2020

Brooke is an active, engaged and all-round wonderful team player. Think water fights, home-made dinners, camping trips & a go get em attitude 😊

Brooke has also shown a keen eye for ways to promote and encourage independence. Brooke passion is undisputable & if it’s thinking outside of the box your after, Brooke’s your person!


May 2020

Nathan is a keen, kind and enthusiastic carer, who is always willing to help out. He’ll happily pick up extra shifts when he can and MAN did he pivot during isolation! Nathan kept an eye on The Hub & 4u Care Vehicles (+ cleaned them 😍), ready for when we’re able to run at full capacity again. Lately he’s also been branching out and documenting his respite supports with extra photos and videos so that they can be shared with family (and you all).


March 2020

Kisha is the R.C.G.Q Queen - which stands for Reliable, Consistent, Great supports and Quiet  Achiever. She’s been on the job since the beginning, so we can tell you that the ‘ consistency' quality in her title definitely counts for something! We think she's the best thing since sliced bread and we’d like to thank her for all that she does for us and our 4u Community! 


January 2020

🌟 If we could describe Libby is one word, we’d pick “superstar”. Libby has been receiving great feedback and she helps us out whenever she can. She very generously worked on her “leave” days recently to help us out! Libby does an amazing job of working in a team and training new staff members up too. THANKS LIBBY


November 2019

We’ve never met a John Tamanibola that we didn’t like (LOVE). John is really proactive in supporting his participants based on their individual needs. He’s the “biggest legend" who is always trying to learn more about his participants and the industry to ensure he provides the best care possible. He's great, he's friendly and it’s obvious that he enjoys every aspect of the work that he does. The world needs more John T’s!


September 2019

🏅The 4U Carer of the Month is SHANNON!

We’ve got a lot of time for Shannon, and she sure gives us a lot of her time! When Shannon agrees (without hesitation) to take up an extra shift, you wouldn’t think she was balancing studies AND another job. She totally is though. Shannon also happens to be an all-round- good-person. She’s recently been buddied up and she’s bought out the best in both our new carers and the participants.

Here’s to Shannon! 🥂



July 2019

It's not in her file, but we're pretty sure that Kellie's middle name must be "goes-that-extra-mile". Kellie always goes above and beyond for her participants and absolutely deserves to be showered in recognition and praise. She is incredibly reliable and all of these amazing qualities are without a doubt delivered with a smile. She's just that good.

P.S. We think Kellie sounds like Wonder Woman


June 2020

Mr Reliable, aka Courtney! He’s one of Lake Macquarie’s great kayak fishermen, as well as being a great catch himself for our lucky participants. You know when people say “are you working hard or hardly working?”, well Courtney is just always working hard. When the winter months make it that bit tougher to get out of bed, carers like Courtney don’t miss a beat & we’re seriously lucky for it. If you see Courtney out and about be sure to say hi! Thank you, Courtney!


April 2020

Ash has taken to her role like a duck to water. A MIGHTY DUCK! 💥 🦆While she’s at it, she’s been supporting participant’s goals, as well as scoring her own.She’s a strong team player - she always passes on feedback and is a great communicator. Her biggest fans are her participants and the admin staff!


February 2020

There was no photo finish this month, as Jaxon received multiple nominations. (All of) his nominations were based on his consistently engaging supports. They also suggested that he puts in for every shift, with every participant. There were definitely some 10/10’s thrown around too. So, this month the tribe has spoken (except the opposite of Survivor because we've voting you in, not out)


December 2019

Peter is a stand up guy (as pictured below). We’ve had particularly good feedback and we know from our own experience how helpful and accommodating he is. No ask is too big and Peter does everything with his on charm and character. He’s one of a kind, and we’re sure glad he’s part of the team.


October 2019

He’s one of the good guys. He regularly picks up extra shifts and is really reliable! We are not the only ones who have noticed either. We receive great feedback about Marcus from other parents, guardians, carers and most importantly - participants. Thanks for bringing some of the Newy spirit and chill to 4u Care, Marcus!

Ps. Marcus is the one with his back to the camera pretending to be a tree so that Dillon and rip leaves. It’s not the best photo, but it’s another great example of Marcus modestly doing his part.



August 2019

Malin is so reliable and flexible. Think Elastigirl with blonde hair, but less cartoon-y. Her other superpowers (yes, plural!) are that she is REALLY good at coming up with ideas and plans that reflect a participant's individual interests. These plans aren't just personalised, they also excite, engage and entertain!

On a side note, we'd like to acknowledge and applaud Malin for rocking her Christmas jumper on shift for Christmas in July, and also the fact that she brought along an extra one for Keith to wear so that they would be matching.

Cade & Spooner_edited.jpg


June 2019

100 % Quality Cade - We've always known that Cade was a bit of a legend, but having a random bystander seek out our contact details to let us know how great a job Cade was doing really cemented it for us. Participants always seem refreshed (and full) after a session with Cade, and the scent of the hub after Cade's kitchen antics have all of our tummies rumbling. We're incredibly grateful to have his enthusiasm and his cooking skills with us!

NOTE: This is definitely not a ploy to get Cade to bake us some yummy treats.

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