Vision Statement 

4u Care. Committed to supporting all Australians with a disability through empowered, engaged, skilled & passionate carers & support teams. Our driven & professional conduct is balanced though our relatable approach to care. Creating environments where difference is celebrated, abilities harnessed, all whilst having a laugh along the way, that’s us. 

Mission Statement 

To be the preferred choice of support for people with a disability throughout Australia. Unparalleled in our quality of care. 

From the Founder & Director

4U Care was established in late 2016 with the goal of creating a more personalised approach to Disability Care. Having been involved in the disability care industry for several years it became apparent people’s needs and wants were not being met by many ‘generic’ though well meaning options out there. It was at this time I decided to channel my passion for work within the disability sector towards enabling the pursuit of diverse individual goals for people with a disability.


At 4U we continuously strive to build a community where any person with a disability has choice & control over the pursuit of these goals. We pride ourselves on being a person-centered care organisation first and foremost. We believe that if when & how is more important than why, the only limits really are your imagination.

Jono Dunn

1800 4u Care (1800 48 2273)

8 Bean Street, Wallsend ,

NSW, Australia, 2287

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